Robin Sanders
for Governor of  the State of Michigan
Bringing Good Leadership to Lansing

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2845    Share:    

 Serving the State of Michigan  |  Awards/Recognition: Served as Financial Secretary, Knights of Columbus™ Council in Ann Arbor Michigan,

Numerous Military Awards and Commendations

Non-Partisan Candidate in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Political Views, Political Background

Robin Sanders is a Non-Partisan candidate, who desires to continue his life in public service by serving as Governor of the State of Michigan. Robin feels that as a Non-Partisan candidate, he will be able to successfully meet or exceed the needs of those voters who do not see eye-to-eye with either the Republican or Democratic parties. His political views encompass aspects of both national parties, but his political background has a broad range of experience.

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Robin understands that you do not fully know anyone without some background knowledge of that person. Learn more about Robin, his family, and his political aspirations.

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About Us

Find a Non-Partisan candidate that suits your political standpoint with Robin Sanders. With more than 39 years in Public Service, Robin is seeking to continue his life in Public Service by serving as Michigan's next Governor.

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The point has been reached that 8 large political support groups have taken an interest in supporting the first Independent candidate for Governor of Michigan. What is now needed is for election ballot petitions to be circulated to demonstrate my electability. Any concerned citizen who is interested in participating in this process, please fill out a "Contact Us" form.